Lost & Found

To list or claim lost and found articles, please email fmccloskey@gilmorelakeassociation.com 

Found (Flood May 2019)

By Jody Huelsman – All items are located at the Sandy Bay on the Southwest corner of Gilmore.

Log Seat with carvings


Various Dock Sections



LOST  (Flood June 2018)

—Missing Triangle Dock Section (Daka Dock). 4’x4’x5.6′ and made of molded plastic with Aluminum runners on the bottom side. (John White on Middle basin of Gilmore – Western shore) – see photo

—Two paddleboat seat-backs – white in color – Little Gilmore (Mark Baum on Narrows Trail)

—Several dock pieces painted bright red (Matt Stevens on Osprey Dr.)

—Eight Red/Brown Dock pieces – new last year (Karen Stoner on Osprey Dr.) – See 2 photos below

—Four foot cream-color Port-A-Dock section (Terry Dixon-Lukanich on Cty I) – see photo


FOUND (Flood June 2018)

by Jody Huelsman – Almost new log Adirondack chair—now on sandy beach at southwest corner of lower basin of Gilmore.  Also a black float for a pier.  On the beach just north of the sandy beach (west side of lake) is a piece of pier propped up against a tree, and a heavy metal canoe, (not new) tipped on its side near the back end of the beach.  Cream colored plastic lawn chairs on beach just northwest of the sandy beach at southwest corner of the lake.

by Laurie Hurtgen – Found a rowboat and two dock sections on Little Gilmore (photo)

By Chris Robinson – Found a battery box cover

by Patrick Luetmer – Found three dock sections on east side of the lake before the North bay. 4 feet wide 47 1/4 Inches Long made of green treat bought at Mary’s River lumber

by Jen Schneider – dock pieces, decking and including poles on western shore of lower basin of Gilmore (photo)

by Larry Stokes – wood dock section on western shore of Middle basin of Gilmore (photo)

by David Neumaier – wood dock section on Little Gilmore

By Dawn Dahl – numerous dock sections near the sandy beach on the SW corner of the Lower basin of Gilmore (photo)

By Kathy Butzen – Paddle boat found stuck in Culvert on Little Gilmore

By Kevin Smith  (on left, a dock bench;  on right, a black float for a dock)

POSTINGS  (These are also posted on the Gilmore Lake facebook page, which is a closed group. Contact Fran McCloskey or Jan Filer to be added to the Facebook group)



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